Gab Jr.

Posted 19 September 2018

Born in Nice and now living in Paris, Gab Jr. is one of the rising talents of the French Minimal House scene. However, he has been active as a DJ & producer for almost a decade now, co-founding the Diamantaires artists collective in Nice before joining the Automatic Writing team in 2016. After releasing 2 solo EPs on the label, Gab Jr’s blend of house and techno has seen rightful recognition, leading to various releases on Lowris’ Aeternum Music, Leeds based Albion Records and Swap White LTD. The infectious energy coming out of his live sets has already made him tour across Europe and share the line up with artists such as Margaret Dygas, Barac, Adil Hiani or Dandy Jack.

Resident Advisor

  • Labels : Aeternum Music, Albion
  • Performances : Live & DJ Set
  • Country : Paris, France
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