Posted 16 September 2018

As house or techno fads pass through, you can rely on a sect of underground purists to keep the
constant flow of quality, resisting the fluctuating electronic trends and persisting with what they
believe in. One of those purists is Seuil, the genuine article, a lover of German minimal, Detroit Techno and warm US deep house, whose dedication to his favorite styles has been unrelenting.
Seuil is a talented producer who has an impressive list of cult labels next to his name (Minibar, Circus
Company, Hello Repeat, Ultrastretch, LMML…) and runs the Eklo imprints since 2007, as well as Hold Youth together with his friend Le Loup.


  • Labels : Eklo, Minibar, Ultrastretch, LMML...
  • Appears on : ATWT002, ATWT005
  • Country : Paris, France
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