Posted 18 September 2018

French-American, 21 years old, skate nerd with heart beating on the street, Sweely began digging, from his earliest days, into a broad range of musical styles including Grunge, Rap, Hip hop, Jazz and Electro. From the start, Sweely was exploring every musical instrument which popped into his hands, including percussions, guitars and keyboards, but the soul connection with the didgeridoo, his acoustical instrument of choice.

One of the most creative and eclectic French producers of the new generation, effortlessly navigating between house, minimal and electro, as demonstrated by his releases on La Chinerie, Distant Hawaii, SWAP WHITE LTD and lately Loster Theremin (2 Ep’s are to be released on the label). His energetic lives recently given the residency of the infamous CONCRETE club in Paris, you will find him dancing behind his TR-8 and MPC, crafting rolling and captivating music to transmit his energy and further unify the crowd towards an elegant and groovy mood.

Resident Advisor

  • Labels : Concrete Music, Lobster Theremin, Swap White Ltd
  • Performances : Live only
  • Country : Lyon, France
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